Kick Start Your Kick Boxing Sessions With A Simple Guide


Kickboxing is nothing but an advanced and enhanced stand-up combat and a better-improvised version of our historic Karate, Thai, Boxing etc… This has a different form and style in different countries but the commonness in all different styles is that it would boost up your confidence level, would give you strength and co-ordination. This is mainly practiced by people for self-defense, fitness or sometimes as a sport. The need or reason for practicing this might vary from one person to the other but the general guidelines and rules remain the same for all in all countries.

It is also an aerobic exercise form that conditions the body and makes it more flexible. A person practicing this regularly will be benefitted with a healthy heart, increased flexibility, decreased body fat etc… Few simple things important before starting the practice session are a good warm-up, knowledge about the basics and most importantly a good trainer. The trainer must be a professional in this and hold a license to train people on this which otherwise might lead to severe repercussions.
Let`s now look at each of these points in detail and their importance on

Warm up – this is an important factor for all types of exercises because you cannot engage the body immediately into the heavy exercising mode instead tries to tighten all the loose tissues and cells with this warm up in the form of simple exercises that would prepare the body, mind and soul for the upcoming heavier ones. This simple and easy start would pave way for a heavy yet safe exercising session by increasing the person`s confidence level, flexibility and help him in having a safe workout session.

Makes you strong – this is a type of workout that engages your entire body into action and hence you get to make the entire body strong. When you punch, your arms and the upper part of the body are put under pressure and action and helps in toning the abs by burning all the extra calories. Similarly, when you kick, you are putting your lower body into action making all the cells and tissues flexible and stronger. So overall, it gives a proper balance and strength to the body by engaging all the parts of it carefully.

Shed kilos – any activity that is done with high intensity and pressure helps in burning all the extra calories. Kickboxing is no less and is believed to be burning close to 450 calories every hour when practiced properly. And since kickboxing is an exercise for the entire body, you will get to shed the extras all over the body. The fat that is accumulated in the body gets used up as energy and the body uses this converted energy for the necessary back up while exercising.

Cardio benefits – this is another bit of important information. Since in this form of workout, the entire body id put under heavy pressure and action like kicking, punching etc it helps in the proper and healthy performance of the heart.

Trainer- it is very important that you give a good start to your kickboxing interests with a good trainer so that you are able to travel in the right, safe path. A good trainer is an important thing for a good and healthy practice. He or she is a professional who knows the do`s and don'ts of this form of workout and being under their proper guidance would help a person to have the best sessions. Knowing the basics is very important here and this knowledge can be easily acquired from the instructors.

Starting troubles – when you first start your kickboxing sessions, there are all possibilities for you to get hurt or injured. Since you are putting all your muscles and tissues under tremendous pressure while workout, there are all possibilities for a joint pain or muscle catch and this is a very common happening in kickboxing. As you practice and go higher and better in the skill, your body will also get adjusted with the moves and pressures and support you in your training. The most vulnerable parts are your hips, shoulders, knee and ankle.

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Strength and Co-ordination

The trainer must be a professional in this and hold a license to train people on this which otherwise might lead to severe repercussions.


Kickboxing is now a very famous form of martial art and there are many schools that are training kids, youngsters and even the elderly on this.